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At Tender Loving Care Childcare Center, we strongly believe in the positive impact of love-filled education. We offer exceptional center-based group childcare, emphasizing our commitment to delivering a compassionate and supportive environment where your child can thrive.

Founded on a legacy of dedication and commitment to childcare excellence, our owner, Margaret, acquired Tender Loving Care Childcare Center in 2017 after years of exemplary service in executive roles within early childhood centers. Margaret’s journey, starting as an assistant teacher and rising to oversee six locations, showcases our growth, leadership, and unwavering dedication to providing the best possible start for the children in our care.

Our Vision

At TLC Childcare Center, we envision that our children become future leaders by being active participants in, and shapers of, their world; to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, and globally through child-based and teacher-facilitated learning.
For enrolled families, we understand the importance of longevity with staff, positive word of mouth, and convenient location. That’s why we strive to create an atmosphere where you feel welcomed, supported, and confident in your choice of childcare provider.

Margaret brings her impressive 30 years of childcare experience to our centers, actively maintaining an onsite presence every day. Together with our dedicated team members, we contribute decades of expertise in early childhood education. Jen, at our Weston center, brings 30 years of experience, while our Woburn director offers 25 years of childcare wisdom.

In Weston, our staff tenure is exceptional, with many members serving our company for over seven years, some even before our center was known as TLC. This longevity speaks volumes about the positive, nurturing environment we create where relationships flourish and trust is paramount.

We Invest In Our Teachers To Give You The Best Care

We Invest In Our Teachers To Give You The Best Care

We prioritize the professional development of our staff, actively supporting their educational pursuits by financing additional credentials, college courses, or Certified Development Associate (CDA) programs. This investment in our team enhances their skills and enriches your child’s learning experience.
Our Leaders Love, Nurture, & Empower Future Generations

Our Leaders Love, Nurture, & Empower Future Generations

Every child has distinct talents, interests, and undiscovered potential. Our childcare philosophy centers on recognizing that early experiences shape a promising future of lifelong learning. Committed to establishing a secure, stimulating, and inclusive environment, we provide a safe place where children can fearlessly uncover and refine their skills.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to cultivate a community of families and teachers working together to provide a high quality, safe, stimulating, and positive environment that enhances and fosters the physical, emotional, cognitive, creative, and social development of individual children through play-based learning and discovery.”

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